Wynn Sportsbook operates only in the state of Nevada. However, Wynn also operates a sportsbook by the name WynnBet, which is accessible online in several US States. This review limits itself to Wynn Sportsbook, which you can access physically or through your mobile phone or computer only in Nevada.

The physical Wynn Sportsbook is located in the famous Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It offers players the opportunity to bet while wining and dining. It is a long-established entertainment and tourist resort, which is an extremely large gaming casino. The casino offers sports betting in addition to the traditional casino and card games. It is one of the most popular gaming destinations in Las Vegas.

The mobile app is an addition created to give bettors more options to play while not at the physical casino. However, it is yet to operate in any state other than Nevada. The mobile version has more games than you find at the physical location. Nevertheless, there are over 2,000 slot and video games on offer at the physical casino. You can also bet on different sports, including horse racing. Read on to find out more about this amazing sportsbook.

About Wynn Sportsbook

Wynn sportsbook Nevada is physically located inside the Wynn resort at 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard on Las Vegas Strip. It is a famous tourist location and destination for gambling enthusiasts. Wynn sportsbook Nevada is a fairly recent inclusion in the long history of sports betting in Nevada. It only started operations in 2005. Nevada benefited from being the only state that was not affected by the PASPA, which had effectively banned sports betting in the other US states.

Because of this exemption, there are sportsbooks that have been operational in the state for a long time. Despite its fairly recent history, Wynn has gained a lot of popularity with locals and tourists alike.

Wynn sportsbook Nevada is however not for people on a low budget. Its clients are middle and high-income members of the society. The Wynn resorts target only that kind of clientele, which is not rare for a famous Las Vegas casino.

So, the mobile betting app for Nevada citizens has come in handy to rope in those who do not want to visit the physical casino. It also helps them to bet when on the go. The resort’s attraction as a betting destination is also attributable to the many bonuses that players receive at the casino.

Some of these bonuses are in the form of cash for betting. You can also get other rewards which are redeemed for dinners, drinks, accommodation, and other luxuries at the resort.

Wynn online sportsbook bonus in Nevada

Wynn sportsbook provides splendid bonuses for bettors in Nevada to attract new clients. They are some of the most stupendous promos that you will find in the betting market. They include risk-free bets and free bet credits. You will also benefit from deposit matches, a referral program, odds boosts, and loyalty programs.

The reason that Wynn sportsbook bonuses are so outstanding is that there are some very large amounts involved. For example, you can benefit from free weekly bet amounts for 4 consecutive weeks. This can come in very handy especially if you are running short of betting funds.

Another reason that makes the bonuses great is that there are so many of them. If you miss one, you can easily get another. Being a sportsbook in the competitive world of Las Vegas betting, Wynn has to go out of its way to attract customers. That is why there are so many bonuses and regular promotions.

These offers also come in handy in the world of online betting, where competition is equally stiff. So, you can be sure of benefiting from one kind of reward or another as a client at the sportsbook.

The main bonuses offered by Wynn in Nevada are as follows:

  • Odd boosts – When a Nevada online sportsbook wants to attract bettors, one of the things it does is boost its odds. This means that they provide odds that are relatively higher than those of their competitors. Wynn sportsbook operates with very high odds but does not mind boosting them frequently. This has seen the sportsbook grow bigger every time, due to increasing membership. You can benefit from these odds boosts, especially when there are mega sports competitions such as the Super Bowl or basketball playoffs. However, you can also benefit more regularly by comparing the odds at Wynn with those of other sportsbooks. You will rarely find higher odds elsewhere. Odds boosts are the most common of the Wynn promotions in Nevada. The advantage of having boosted odds is that you end up winning larger prizes than you would get elsewhere when your bet goes through. As a bettor, you should always be looking for opportunities to earn more from the little that you wager. Odds boosts help you to make more money without having to increase your risk. That is why you should always be on the lookout for the best odds around. Wynn certainly has some of these.
  • Risk-free bets – There is no bet without any actual risk. What risk-free bets in Nevada mean is that you will get back part of the money you wagered if your bet loses. So, you have to first wager some money, lose the bet and then get a refund of part of your wager. This works well for both the sportsbook and its clients. The sportsbook gains from that part of your wager that they, and you don’t leave empty-handed either. Remember when you lose on a bet you are supposed to lose your entire wager. With a risk-free bet, you will split the loss with the sportsbook. You don’t need to enter a Wynn sports promo code to benefit from risk-free bets.
  • Deposit bonus matches – You can also benefit from deposit bonus matches in Nevada on Wynn Sportsbook sometimes. These are amounts added to your account when you put in a deposit. They are usually calculated in percentages and there is a maximum amount that you can get. Look for the percentage offered and the maximum deposit amount on which you can get the deposit match. You should maximize these offers by depositing the maximum amount on offer. You may or may not need a Wynn promo code in Nevada to benefit from deposit matches. Sometimes a promo code is required but most times there is non needed.
  • Free bet credits – Free bets are free deposits you get in your account that you can use for betting. There is a requirement to wager the money on certain specified odds. You will then get rewarded with free bet credits every week for a specified number of weeks. The amounts involved are revised regularly, but the offer has been available for a long time. So, it is likely to continue going into the future.

How to register to Wynn’s online sportsbook in Nevada

The registration process for new members at the Wynn Sportsbook in Nevada is pretty simple. You only need to go through the steps below to complete the process. Remember you have to be at least 21 years old to legally participate in sports betting when in the Silver State.

  1. Visit the official Wynn sportsbook website by following the link provided at the top of this page.
  2. Go to the registration tab a tap on it. You will open the registration form in which you will enter your details.
  3. Enter your details and make sure that they are correct. If you are required to verify any details you enter, do so quickly. That will save the time you will spend on the registration process.
  4. Visit the Wynn and Encore facility in Las Vegas (located at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd.) to verify your identity.
  5. Begin betting on your favorite teams and getting the big prizes that may come your way.

Major features of Wynn Sportsbook in Nevada

There are a number of outstanding features on Wynn sportsbook in Nevada. Here are some of the leading ones:

In-Play Wagering

In-pay wagering enables you to wager when a game is going on. The odds of the game will keep changing depending on the progress of the game. In-play wagering enables you to carry out middle bets at different stages of the game.

You definitely have to follow the game to wager in-play. This means that you will not only be betting, but you will be watching your favorite team playing as well. The adrenalin that goes with the changing fortunes of teams in the game is comparable to none. You will get thrills you never had before when you wager on an ongoing game.

Red Card Rewards

Through this program, members earn credits when playing at the sportsbook or on their phones. The credits earn different rewards which you can benefit from as a member. These rewards include meals or accommodation at the physical resort.

You can also get free trips, dinners for two, drinks, or even wagering points. The program aims to provide you with luxuries you would otherwise not enjoy at the resort. It also aims at exposing you to the tourist experience in Las Vegas. You are definitely better off registering for this program. In any case, you will have nothing to lose by joining it.

Wynn mobile app in NV

A lot of work has gone into designing the Wynn mobile betting app. It is outstanding in very many aspects. It shows the amount of experience that the operators have gathered in the betting business. The designers went out of their way to ensure that they meet the expectations of their clientele. Overall, it is a highly rated app in most customer reviews.

The overall appearance of the app is quite appealing to the eyes. It is ergonomically designed creating a casino feel, especially after you log in. It is very easy to use, with tabs that are easily navigable. The app is highly functional and moves you quickly when you are navigating through it. It is one of the best betting apps available in the market.

Security is taken very seriously at Wynn. Having operated a land-based casino for some time, Wynn is well aware that clients’ money needs to be protected at all times. Consequently, security comes as second nature at the sportsbook. The mobile app is protected using high-level encryption systems that keep marauders out. Security breaches are the last thing you should worry about in this sportsbook.

How to download the Wynn app on iOS devices

You will easily download the app from the Apple App Store for your iOS devices. Just go to the App store, search for Wynn sports and download it to your device. The process is smooth and quick. Once it downloads, you can open and begin using it. The process is quick and takes just a few minutes.

How to download the Wynn app on Android devices

The process of downloading the Wynn app for Android devices is equally simple. Just go to the Google Play store and search for the app. After that, you can begin the process of downloading it. When the download is over, you should proceed to open and begin using it. It is another fairly quick process that will take you only a few minutes.

Wynn app reviews from App store and Google Play

The Wynn app is verified to be safe and highly rated in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It has an overall rating of 4.5, which is quite high. Only very good apps enjoy this kind of rating in the stores. You can therefore be sure that you are downloading an app that is functional, reliable, trustworthy, and safe to use.

Sports to bet on in Nevada at Wynn sportsbook

The list of sports to bet on in the Wynn Sportsbook Nevada is very long. The main missing link is that you will not find motor racing on the menu. That is rather strange considering that all the other major sports you can think of are available for betting. Hopefully, motorsports will be considered for inclusion in the future. Otherwise, the other major sports are there. They include:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • And many more

Banking options at Wynn Nevada

The range of payment options on Wynn sportsbook Nevada are not as many as you will find in other betting sites. The app appears to be having trust issues with many payment methods, so they only provide the few that they can vouch for. However, for residents of Nevada, these payment options are highly efficient, so you cannot miss one that suits you. Moreover, they serve tourists from other places equally well.

Deposit methods

You can make deposits in the Wynn sportsbook using any of the following methods. They are all quite efficient and fairly affordable. You should however pick the one that you find most convenient for you. For instance, if you already have a Visa card or PayPal account, you can go for that payment method since you will already be used to it.

  • Visa – Visa is an international payment system of credit and debit cards. It works in conjunction with several banking institutions around the world. So, you can use your Visa card to withdraw funds from the ATMs of very many banks. The cards are also widely accepted for making payments online.
  • Mastercard – Mastercard also operates similarly to Visa cards. Mastercard also has numerous networks around the world. Just like Visa, it is widely accepted for making payments online.
  • PayPal – PayPal is a widely used online wallet for making payments in America. It is also widely networked with financial institutions around the world. You can easily and quickly make a deposit on the sportsbook using PayPal. Moreover, the transaction fees charged by PayPal are very low, so you will not lose a lot of money when using its services.
  • Play+ Card – Wynn Sportsbook is another Nevada betting site that accepts Play+ as a payment method.is a card that has almost become synonymous with sportsbooks in the betting business. It combines the convenience of prepaid debit cards and online wallets. You can quickly deposit money into your betting account using this card. It is very easy to load money into your account using other cards or a cash transfer from your bank.

Withdrawal methods

All the methods above can be used to withdraw money from your sportsbook account. They are all quick and efficient. The fees charged on them is also quite manageable. So, your deposit method can also act as your withdrawal method conveniently.

There is no need for complications like depositing using one method and withdrawing using another. One of the reasons that they have only a few payment methods is that the methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. This really keeps matters of cash transactions simple at the site.

Customer support for Wynn NV

Wynn sportsbook has splendid customer support. With their background in the casino business, the sportsbook operators take communication very seriously. You can go to the Wynn Sports Logo in the top left corner of the screen. Once you tap it, you will get Support & FAQ on the drop-down menu. Once you select this you will find 4 options.

One of them is to read through the FAQs to see if the information you need is available. It will save you some time if you find the information there. The second option is to send an email. This is particularly useful if you have a complex issue that may need some time to check out. Naturally, the response will take a little longer if your issue is very complex. Nevertheless, you can expect a response within a day or two.

Thirdly, you can opt to have a live chat on the app. Live chats are useful and quick for resolving simple arising matters. The chat service is available throughout, so you can reach the staff at any time. Finally, you can opt to make a phone call. You will find the phone number displayed on the support screen. You can also call at any time.

Another way of resolving your issues is to go to the retail location and talk to the support staff there. This can be convenient if you live in Las Vegas. The support staff is trained to be friendly and responsive to inquiries. Being in the hospitality industry, they will provide you with services that will highly impress you. You can check them out whenever you are in town.

Retail locations for Wynn in Nevada

There is only one retail location for Wynn Sportsbook in Nevada. It is found at their resort in Las Vegas. It is located at 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard on the Las Vegas Strip. You can also visit the website of Wynn Sportsbook where you will get information about the retail location and contact information.

You can contact Wynn by phone, email or chat on their website. However, if you are in Las Vegas, you can just walk into the physical location and get the information you want. The retail location opens every day between 8 am and 11 pm. You will certainly get a great reception and have your issues sorted out if you go there in person. Though is it a great retail location, it is rather limiting being only one. More such locations will certainly be needed going into the future. Hopefully, Wynn will consider providing their customers with more retail options in the City and elsewhere.


Is Wynn legal in Nevada for sports betting?

Yes, Wynn is legally registered in Nevada to offer sports betting. It is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission to ensure that it carries out fair betting practices for its clients. Sports betting has been legal in Nevada for a long time, even before other states were allowed to unroll it. So, the Wynn sportsbook has been around for some time and is completely trustworthy.

What are popular types of bets at Wynn sportsbook in Nevada?

The most popular types of bets on Wynn sportsbook in Nevada are spreads and parlays. Though the sportsbook offer all the different types of betting, bettors prefer these two because they offer high odds. Other types of popular bet types include over/under, future bets and moneyline bets.

When did Wynn launch in Nevada?

The Wynn sportsbook launched in Nevada in 2005. It started off as a physical casino where people would go to play different betting games. Later, Wynn launched their mobile app to enable players to go on with betting after leaving the casino. This is what led to online betting activities at the sportsbook. You will find numerous sports, casino and card games to bet on in the mobile app. Despite its fairly recent launch, the sportsbook has developed into a complete betting platform.