Skrill is one of the best payment methods available at sports betting sites across the globe. You can instantly fund your account while on the go without incurring high fees or having to wait a long time. If you are looking for Skrill sports betting sites in Nevada, you have found the right page.

We’ve put together the most up-to-date Skrill bookmakers guide for your convenience. Learn more about this fantastic online payment method and how it fits into the online betting world. Our complete guide to Skrill betting sites in Nevada will inform you about everything you need to know.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online payment and money transfer service that specializes in low-cost international money transfers. It is a digital wallet that lets you store and send money in numerous currencies. Moreover, it’s also a great way to pay for online gambling or gaming services.

Founded in 2001 in London, UK, its headquarters are still there. It has been a member of the Paysafe Group, which also owns Neteller and Paysafecard, since 2015.

Moreover, information about your credit card or bank account is kept strictly private. And, if you want to receive money, all you need is a Skrill account and a valid email address. All in all, it is a market leader in the online payment industry, and it is widely used and preferred by various casinos and sportsbooks.

Depositing to a Nevada sports betting site using Skrill

If you want to use Skrill as a deposit on your favorite Nevada gambling site, then follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Skrill.
  2. Fund your Skrill wallet.
  3. Register to a sportsbook in Nevada that accepts Skrill and deposit.

The first step, of course, is to create a Skrill account. You can visit Skrill’s official website or download the Skrill app to your mobile device. On the top right of your screen, click the ‘REGISTER’ tab. Then, you’ll need to provide Skrill with a valid email address and password.

After which, you will need to verify your identity, which we will go into further detail below. At first, there will be no money in your Skrill account. To make payments from your Skrill account to an external account, you must link a bank card to your Skrill account.

Then, sign up for a Skrill sports betting app in Nevada, or link your Skrill account to your betting account if you already have one. It is accomplished by going to the ‘Cashier’ section and selecting the deposit option. Then, choose Skrill, and enter the required details.

Fill in the amount you want to deposit. To verify the transaction, you’ll be redirected to your Skrill account. After that, the payment will be processed and show up on your betting account. Now you’re ready to begin gambling!

Withdrawing your winnings to Skrill from a NV betting site

When you want to withdraw money from a Nevada betting site to your Skrill account, the first thing you should do is check your eligibility. Verify whether you are eligible to make a withdrawal by logging into your betting account. You can only withdraw if you have an active account and a Skrill account.

Also, you will need to verify your age if you live in the United States. After that, you must claim your withdrawals. On your betting account, go to ‘Withdrawals.’ Specify the amount you want to take out and click claim. After that, all you have to do is wait for your funds to arrive in your Skrill wallet.

Besides using this method, you can transfer money from your e-wallet to your bank account or withdraw cash from an ATM using your Skrill Mastercard – Mastercard betting sites in NV are also a popular choice for bettors. Moreover, you can use Skrill to purchase crypto.

To make a withdrawal request, log into your Skrill account, choose your preferred withdrawal option, and then enter the amount you want to draw. And that’s it. You will have access to your winnings.

Pros of using Skrill at Nevada sportsbooks

Skrill has developed a reputation as a top payment method for sportsbooks in Nevada over the last few years. It has been rated as an excellent payment option by the majority of gamblers for the following reasons:

  • Your personal card & bank account is held private.
  • Skrill debit card.
  • Secure and fast transactions.
  • Exclusive bonuses for Skrill users.

The great thing about using Skrill is that it keeps your financial transactions private and does not share them with government agencies.

Because there is no third party involved in the payment process, Skrill allows for immediate deposits and withdrawals. Hence, drawing to a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard can take a few hours (up to 24 hours). You gain access to your funds without hassle or delays.

Also, players can find the best odds at a bookie, best bonuses, place their bet, win and withdraw, and then search for the best odds to bet again. Skrill withdrawal times are much faster than traditional payment methods like credit cards or wire transfers, which can take several business days.

Finally, Skrill is accepted by almost every bookmaker in Nevada. Players benefit from this because they can use their Skrill account to fund their betting accounts at various bookmakers.

Cons of Skrill for Nevada betting sites

However, like any other payment method, Skrill has some drawbacks.

  • Fees – There are fees associated with each deposit and withdrawal when using Skrill, and the currency exchange rate may be higher than for other financial services. Moreover, due to new, stricter financial regulations requiring that the source of funds be tracked at all times, several bookmakers have removed Skrill as a payment method for new players.
  • Not all betting sites accept Skrill – Many bookmakers do not offer welcome bonuses if you make your first deposit with Skrill because of bonus abuse and arbitrage betting that happened in the past. However, you can get around this problem by claiming the signup offer with a different payment method and making subsequent deposits with Skrill.

How to verify your Skrill account

For security and financial reasons, Skrill requires users to verify their accounts. Skrill will send you a notification to verify your account after you have completed your Skrill registration and confirmed the use of your account.

This procedure is simple and offers numerous advantages. It removes your account’s transaction limit and increases the amount you can transact. Here is how you can verify your account.

  1. Log in to your account and go to your Account Settings.
  2. From the verification options menu, select “Upload Photos.”
  3. Now choose your preferred account currency and your country of residence.
  4. Upload an ID document, such as a passport, driver’s license, or identity card.
  5. Use your webcam or the Skrill Mobile App to take a selfie.
  6. Choose your preferred document, such as a bank statement or a utility bill, to upload as an address verification document. Please keep in mind that it must be a recent document with your address and full name.
  7. That is all there is to it. Skrill will try to verify your account within one business day.

Ensure that the documents you upload are good quality, with all details clear and legible. Skrill will contact you if any documents are not up to their standard and request a clearer one.

How does the VIP program work at Skrill?

Skrill launched the VIP Program to reward the most active and loyal members with numerous benefits. The amount you transfer each quarter determines your membership status.

  • Bronze Level: If you transfer more than €6.000 in a quarter.
  • Silver Level:  If you transfer more than €15.000 in a quarter.
  • Gold Status: If you transfer more than €45.000 in a quarter.
  • Diamond Status: If you transfer more than €90.000 in a quarter.

Besides higher transfer limits, you’ll get the following benefits as a Skrill VIP member:

  1. Reduced fees: The more you use Skrill, the less you’ll pay.
  2. Higher ceilings:  Priority bank uploads and increased transaction limits are available.
  3. Extended support: English assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Invites to special events: Special tournaments and the opportunity to attend the best football, basketball, or cricket matches and international festivals.


Are there any fees for having a Skrill account?

The Skrill account has no fees and is free as long as you log in or make a transaction at least once every 12 months. If your account has zero transactions in a year, it will charge a monthly service fee of USD 5.00 (or equivalent).

Is it safe to use Skrill on Nevada sports betting sites?

Yes, Skrill is safe to use on Nevada sports betting sites. Skrill's payments are secure, thanks to features like PIN codes and SSL authentication. Players can rest assured knowing that their funds are in the safest possible manner in skrill betting sites nevada

How can I tell if a Nevada sportsbook accepts Skrill?

You also log into your Nevada betting account and head to the cashier section to check if your gambling site accepts Skrill. Here, you will also see many other payment methods including VISA, Neteller, and American Express. All in all, you will find many betting sites that accept Skrill in Nevada.