Caesars Entertainment, Inc. operates a sportsbook business in Nevada. Bettors in the state can know more about the company’s operation by reading through this Caesars sportsbook in Nevada article.

This article provides a run-through of the sportsbook’s key features and offerings such as bonus information, betting mechanics, gaming options, and other helpful details. Bettors can also obtain useful tips such as how to register for an account and how to get one of its many bonuses on offer.

About Caesars Sportsbook in Nevada

Caesars is one of the leading gambling companies in Nevada. It is previously known as Eldorado Resorts, Inc. The company started operating in Nevada in 1937 through its various resorts in the state.

It then acquired the retail and mobile betting business of the William Hill company in 2021 and rebranded it to Caesars Sportsbook. The company owns and operates several properties and full-service sportsbook facilities and kiosks in Nevada.

Available promotions at Caesars sportsbook NV

Based on the Caesars sportsbook Nevada (review) feedback from the customers, they are drawn to this platform because of the high-value promotions. Caesars sportsbook always has something to offer to their customers that can boost their winnings.

There are several types of promotions and bonuses that Caesars Sportsbook in Nevada offers. The section below provides some of these bonuses.

  • Free bets NV – Caesars hands out free bets credits to refund the amount that you will lose in your first bet. The free bet credit is up to a certain bet amount that Caesars will set. The sportsbook also requires first-time customers to make their first deposit within three days after signing up for an account. Customers can only use these free bets only once.
  • Parlay boost NV – Customers can avail of this bonus for certain sports by betting on the corresponding parlay. If the stake can meet the set terms and conditions, Caesars will give them a parlay boost token to enable them to increase their winnings.
  • Referral program NV – Caesars sportsbook has also launched a referral program to enable their customers to have additional opportunities for increasing their gains. Customers can receive a bonus once their friends register for a new account and deposit the required minimum amount into their betting accounts. The referred friends should use the customer’s referral code in these transactions. These transactions can be done up to ten times to claim the referral bonus.
  • Deposit match bonus NV – Bettors are eligible for Caesars’ deposit match bonus after signing up for a new account and depositing into their betting account. Caesars will then match the amount that customers deposited by providing them with a free bet of the same value. Customers can only claim this bonus up to a certain amount set by Caesars.
  • Profit boosts NV – Customers can also have the opportunity to increase their net earnings by availing of Caesars’ profit boosts promotions. This bonus can be applied to various betting types on featured sports events. Customers can get this bonus through moneyline, total, parlay, and spread bets.

How to register at Caesar’s Sportsbook Nevada

Registering at Caesar’s Sportsbook in Nevada is a straightforward process. You can follow the steps below to do so.

  1. On Caesars sportsbook’s website, customers can click on the “Create Account” button to start the registration process.
  2. On the first page of the account creation process, they can input their name, birthday, email address, password, phone number, country, and other personal details. They also need to tick the box to signify their agreement to Caesars sportsbook’s terms and conditions.
  3. Once they have completed the requested information on the first page, they can proceed to the next page to provide more details such as their address, the last four digits of their social security numbers, and other data.
  4. Once the system confirms the creation of the account, they can then log in to the system using the email address and password that they set.
  5. Customers can then start adding money into their accounts to be able to place their bets on chosen sports and betting types.
  6. Once they win and need to withdraw their prize money, they will need first to undergo a verification process.
  7. They will need to provide additional details and the required documents such as identification cards and proof of residence.
  8. As soon as Caesars sportsbook verifies their account, they can smoothly proceed with the withdrawal process anytime they need.

Best features of Caesars sportsbook NV

One of the best features of Caesars is its occasional generous welcome bonus that provides better value for its first-time customers. Caesars sportsbook offers several types of welcome bonuses such as no deposit perks, free bets, deposit matches, and others.

These generous welcome bonuses are instrumental in motivating first-time customers to try out the multitudes of games that are available on Caesars sportsbook’s website and mobile app. The process of using the promo codes is also a fairly straightforward one that makes it easy to claim the various bonuses from Caesars.

Caesars sportsbook has also several same-game parlays selections for multiple sports and betting types. This provides several opportunities for the customers to increase their odds of earning more.

Customers can also avail of Caesars sportsbook’s early cash-out feature. This can enable them to settle their bets even prior to the conclusion of an event. They can opt to either collect the amount that they won at the corresponding payout value or reduce their losses.

Caesars sportsbook Nevada bonus & promo codes

There are several strategies that Caesars sportsbook in Nevada uses to attract customers to try its sportsbook offers. One is the use of bonus and Nevada promo codes to provide bettors with opportunities to increase their earnings and get more value for their money. These promo codes correspond to generous bonuses that can be redeemed by Caesars’ customers if they can meet specific conditions.

Most of the bonuses and promotions are crafted for first-time bettors to get them to try Caesars’ betting products for the first time. There are also ongoing bonuses for current customers that aim to retain their patronage of Caesars sportsbook’s betting selections. One example of a bonus with a corresponding code is the no deposit bonus in Nevada.

Caesars typically offers the Nevada sportsbook no deposit bonus to those who will create an account for the first time. This bonus type enables bettors in Nevada to claim free money that they can use to place their wagers on the Caesars’ sportsbook platform without spending from their personal funds.

On top of this, Caesars also piles in additional bonuses that are attached to this no deposit bonus Nevada code after the customers make their first deposit.

Customers can find these bonus or promotional codes on the website or mobile app of Caesars sportsbook. They can then input these codes into the designated fields once they are ready or eligible to avail of the corresponding bonuses.

However, they need to take note of the expiration date of these promo codes. Once expired, they can no longer use these promo codes to claim the corresponding bonuses.

Caesars sportsbook mobile app in Nevada

Caesars Sportsbook has released its own mobile betting app for Nevada punters. The app aims to enable customers to place their bets anytime and anywhere in Nevada through their mobile devices. It is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Within the app, users can simply go to the drop-down menu to access the options that they want. There are also filters available in the mobile app that can help them go to the specific functionality or exact betting choice.

How to download the app on iOS devices

To download the app, users will need to go to the App Store on their iOS devices and search for the Caesars Sportsbook app. Once they have located the correct app, they can click the “Get” button to proceed with the download. Users will need to be located within the state of Nevada to ensure that they can legally use the app.

How to download the app on Android devices

For Android users in Nevada, they can directly click the app’s icon from Caesars’ website to quickly download the app on their Android devices. They can also try to search for the app in the Google Play store to know more about its features. However, they usually will not be able to download the app directly from the Google Play store.

Reviews of the Caesars sportsbook app from Appstore and Google Play

Caesars Sportsbook app got an average overall rating of 4.6 stars from the App store. Meanwhile, Android users gave the app a 4.1 stars rating on the Google Play store. Users from both platforms liked the overall layout of the app which enabled them to easily find what they are looking for.

They also like the highly interactive design of the app that they can easily adjust to their screen sizes. These users also like the bonuses and promotions that the app regularly features. However, some users complained that customer service is difficult to reach using the app and the response is slow.

Sports to bet on at Caesars sportsbook in NV

Caesars sportsbook Nevada has a wide array of sports betting options that span major sports leagues and franchises. However, some minor sports such as darts and cycling are not yet available on the platform. The list below shows the current sports that are available on this online sportsbook in Nevada platform.

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB)
  • Boxing
  • Football (NFL, NCAAF, CFL, XFL)
  • Golf
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • MMA
  • Rugby League
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Different types of bets to make at Caesars Nevada

Bettors in the Silver State have many options to choose from when placing their sports wagers. On the Caesars sportsbook Nevada platform, they can avail of several bet selections that they can apply to the sports mentioned in the section above. The most popular ones are listed in the sub-section below:

  • Moneylines – Moneylines is a basic type of bet where players can bet on the team that they think will win. This bet is simple and has no other conditions.
  • Point spreads – Point spread is a type of bet that is popular with many bettors in football and basketball. It is also referred to as “betting the spread” or handicap betting”. With point spreads, bettors place their wagers on the number of points or goals that the winning team has to achieve. This can also take in wagers on how many points or goals a team must not get when it loses. This type aims to even the match if there are two teams that are not matched evenly.
  • Totals (over/under) – Over/under wagers or totals are those bets that are placed on the overall number of points or goals that will be eventually attained in a game. Bettors can also place their bets on certain statistics of the game if these figures will exceed or not the designated value.
  • Championship futures – Caesars sportsbook Nevada also features championship futures wagers that enable players to bet on popular sports franchises to become victorious in a championship or in a series. The status of the wagers depends on the long-term overall outcome of various games in the season or series. The results of these game sets are usually known after the season or series are finished. This bet type is typically available in popular sports franchises such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, and other well-known groups.
  • Player Futures – Bettors in Caesars sportsbook Nevada can also place their wagers on players’ futures bets. For this type of futures bet, they can bet on various results involving the players of various sports franchises. For example, they can bet on who will eventually be recognized as the MVP for a particular season. The bet can also be on which player will eventually achieve the most home runs. As with all futures bets types, bettors can only know if they win once the season or series ends and the results are officially confirmed.
  • Win Totals – Win totals is a type of bet is becoming more popular in sporting events because of its straightforward rule. Bettors can simply place their wagers on the number of times that a team wins a game throughout an entire season or series. The sportsbook may sometimes put a certain number on the number of games that a franchise may win. This way, there will be more betting activity for wagers above and under that specific number.
  • Parlays – Caesar’s sportsbook Nevada also has parlay bets. With this wager type, bettors can place a minimum of two bets and integrate them into a single bet. Parlays carry a huge amount of risk as the entire parlay bet can lose with just one failed game bet in the set.
  • Props (teams, players, games) – Props is a type of bet that revolve around whether a certain event happened or not during a game. The event involved does not impact the results of the game directly. The event can involve the entire team, a specific team player, or the whole game. Some examples of props bets involve a wager on the number of passing yards that a player can have, the number of strikeouts of certain players, games scoring leaders based on points, and other similar trivia events. Props bet odds are typically based on a $100 wager. This is similar to point spread odds. This type of bet has existed for a long time and is popular among bettors. Over half of the money placed on bets is wagered on props bets that involve major sports franchises.
  • Round Robins – Bettors can also participate in round-robin bets in Caesars sportsbook Nevada sites. This bet typically involves more than three game legs where bettors can place their wagers on several smaller combinations of selected wagers as opposed to combining into a single must-win-all bet. The round-robin bet derived its name from round-robin game sets where each team gets a chance to compete with every other group in the game sets. In lieu of engaging in plays with the other teams, they can unite into parlays. Within the Caesars sportsbooks Nevada platform, bettors can have the choice to create several smaller bets once they decide to place their wagers on several games.

Banking options when using Caesars sportsbook in NV

Before getting into the betting action, bettors will have to deal with the financial side of the sportsbook game. Within the platform of Caesars sportsbook Nevada, they can have several banking options that can enable them to fund their betting accounts and withdraw their winnings.

Caesars sportsbook Nevada provides various payment options for bettors who need to add money or deposit it into their betting accounts. The following list shows the deposit options that are available on its Nevada betting site.

  • Online banking – Bettors can fund their account with Caesars sportsbook Nevada with the online banking deposit method. There is no registration required when using online banking. Customers also don’t need to provide their card information. They can also immediately transfer money from their bank accounts to their betting accounts upon signing in. Bettors can also avail of the deposit services provided by Trustly and Paysafe credit and debit
  • PayNearMe – When using the Caesars sportsbook Nevada app, bettors can select PayNearMe to make a deposit. They can select their actual location and show the PayNearMe barcode to a nearby retailer. Customers will need to pay using cash to deposit into their account using PayNearMe.
  • On-location funding – Customers can also proceed to the cashier at Caesar sportsbook Nevada locations if they want to add money to their betting account. They can give their account number or their username to the cashier. After this, they can give their money to the cashier for deposit into their betting accounts.
  • Play+ – Bettors can also avail of the Caesars Play+ pre-paid card to fund their betting accounts. They can input their credit or debit card number, expiration date, and CSV. Once they confirm their billing details, they can choose the amount that they want to deposit.
  • Wire Transfer – Those who wish to deposit larger amounts ($10,000 or above) into their betting accounts can arrange this with the customer support team of the Caesars sportsbook Nevada facility.
  • Deposit in designated taverns – Bettors can also fund their betting accounts with cash that they can deposit directly using any of the mobile sports deposit hot spot kiosks of Caesars sportsbook Nevada. These kiosks are available in various Nevada locations of taverns such as PT’s Pub, Sean Patrick’s Pub and Grill, and Sierra Gold.


  • Online banking – Those who wish to withdraw from their betting accounts to their personal bank accounts can also do so through online banking. Similar to the deposit process, bettors can sign in and transfer money from their betting account to their bank account. They can also use the services of Trustly to facilitate the withdrawal process.

Caesars Sportsbook customer support in NV

For those who need help with various concerns such as help with the payment process or for those who encountered any issue, they can turn to various channels provided by Caesars sportsbook Nevada. The sportsbook has a live chat feature that is available all days of the week. They can also visit the help center section of Caesar’s web page. Another option is to send an email to their customer support team at Customers can also send them a text at their support number: (702) 827-4171.

Caesars sportsbook retail locations in Nevada

There are 526 retail sites in Nevada where bettors can avail of Caesars sportsbook offerings. Some of these locations are in the list below:

Alamo Casino Las Vegas

  • Address: 8050 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas NV 89139 United States
  • Contact: 702-361-1176
  • Facility Type: Full-service sportsbook, sports betting kiosk

Aquarius Casino Resort

  • Address: 1900 South Casino Drive, Laughlin NV 89029 United States
  • Contact: 702-361-1176
  • Facility Type: Full Service Sports Book, Sports Betting Kiosk

Bally’s Lake Tahoe Casino Resort

  • Address: 55 US-50, Stateline NV 89449 United States
  • Facility Type: Full Service Sports Book, Sports Betting Kiosk | Race Book

Bonanza Casino

  • Address: 4720 North Virginia St, Reno NV 89506 United States
  • Facility Type: Full Service Sports Book, Sports Betting Kiosk

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

  • Address: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas NV 89109 United States
  • Facility Type: Full Service Sports Book, Sports Betting Kiosk | Race Book


Is Caesar's sportsbook legal in Nevada?

Yes, Caesar's sportsbook is legal in Nevada. It has a license to operate in the state from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the state’s gambling regulations body. Caesars has also partnered with various legal establishments in the state. It also operates in accordance with the order to serve only those bettors located in the state. This is to ensure that only eligible bettors can register new accounts.

When did Caesar's Sportsbook launch in Nevada?

Caesars sportsbook fully launched in Nevada in 2021 upon the completion of the deal to acquire William Hill sports betting company. With this acquisition, the majority of William Hill’s betting divisions took on the Caesars Sportsbook brand. Caesars sportsbook is licensed to operate in the state as authorized by the Nevada Gambling Commission.

Where can I find the current promotions at Caesars sportsbook in NV?

Customers can find the latest updates about the current promotions at Caesars Sportsbook in Nevada on its website. By visiting and signing up on the website, you can take a look at the most recent promo codes and the corresponding bonuses that Caesars sportsbook is offering in the state. Within its retail locations, you can also find out about these promotions by looking at the flyers, brochures, posters, and other printed materials. Caesars sportsbook also has digital media boards that are installed in their brick-and-mortar branches that advertise these promotions.